Hi y'guys. My name is Nina MacNamara. As this website says, I write and publish books and co-host a few podcasts.I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. After years in the South, I've settled comfortably in Lansing, MI. I write fiction with themes about technology, feminism, queer issues, and trauma. If these interest you, you might want to read my novels!Read more about me and my work here. You can also use this site to contact me.


My most recent book is called This is What You Wanted. You can find it and my other books in ebook and print (and occasionally in audiobook!) form at major online retailers.
I am passionate about publishing independent works of literature and have helped co-found small publishing companies and imprints.

  • Gray Cat Books: A press for fiction of all genres. This is where my books are published, too.

  • Witan Publishing: For medieval and other academic scholarship specializing in non-fiction, from Beowulf translations to Old English primers.

  • Laserblast Books: A SF/F press for fun, fantastical works of fiction.

I currently host two podcasts.

  • In First Chapters Engineer Mike and I review the first few chapters of a book to see if it's good enough to keep reading.

  • In Pop Medieval, my friend and mentor -- Dr Richard Scott "Doc" Nokes -- and I discuss the intersection of pop culture and medieval literature.

Other Stuff


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