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Hi y'guys. My name is Nina MacNamara. I am an author, a publisher, and a podcaster. Read more about me and my work on here. You can also use this site to contact me.Please enjoy your stay!

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Writing: My first book is Icarus. I wrote it in college and published it after I graduated. My second book is A Bitter Spring. I wrote it for NaNoWriMo. I'm currently finishing my third book (name coming soon, release date Winter 2022). You can read my essays and other personal errata on my blog.Publishing: I helped co-found Witan Publishing for medieval and other academic scholarship. We specialize in non-fiction and have published a variety of texts, from Beowulf translations to Old English primers.Podcasting: I'm the co-host of Pop Medieval, a fun educational podcast with my friend, former professor, and mentor Dr. Richard Scott Nokes. Our theme is the intersection of pop culture and medieval literature.


I’m an author, publisher, and podcaster. My books are Icarus and A Bitter Spring. I co-host the Pop Medieval podcast. I am the co-founder of Witan Publishing, an academic publishing company. You can find more information on my work page.I was born and raised in Detroit. After a number of my adult years in the South (including Atlanta, GA), I'm now settled in Lansing, MI. If you want to send me a message, have your people contact my people.Links to my other sites are as follows:
+ My blog/essays/creative non-fiction
+ The Litter Box: Collecting links/articles to write about later
+ Nina Go Bragh: Personal nonsense


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Buy the Print | Buy the eBookCenturies of war have ravaged the world. Those left are sheltered under domed cities -- like the decrepit city of Kennedy -- but they're not really protected. Class warfare wages. The lower classes are kept down by the upper class that strives to eventually replace them with easily-controlled artificial intelligence. The man who created this AI is Jerrid Fieger, the most powerful man in Kennedy.Citizens by day and terrorists by night, the Project is the only force fighting against this takeover. Ayaku was once the principal dancer for the city ballet; Riley, an acrobat for the circus. Flake and Copse were computer programmers. They and the rest of the Project want the man who created synthetic robots to suffer for their losses. But an intense drug called called Clout hinders their revenge on him -- a drug so addictive, it causes them to continue using it long after their skin has turned green, and their insides have begun to turn to mush.West is different, however. He doesn't fight for a lost career. He fights for the woman he loves.

A Bitter Spring

Buy the Print | Buy the eBook | 🆕 Buy the AudiobookThe world has just come down around Mae. Her father unexpectedly died, and her despondent mother has no other choice but to take Mae and her two sisters to live with their loving but unprepared grandparents. But while her sisters quickly adjust to the changes of a new house, new school, and new life, Mae finds herself numb and indifferent. The school bullies still harass her for her weight. Her sisters are still beautiful and popular. Her mother settles back into a routine of frivolity. For her, the scenery has changed but not the situation.When shadows from her family's past resurface, Mae finds comfort in only two things. One, a purple composition book that becomes her emotional and creative outlet under the encouragement of her grandfather and guidance counselor. And two, her friendship with Dawn -- a girl her own age with a gentle wisdom Mae has yet to understand.A Bitter Spring is a novel about grief, abandonment, and the trauma of being a 15-year-old girl suffering through both. But also, it is about forgiveness, and the painful steps one takes in getting there.